Working out with Kettlebells

The Switch to kettlebell training!

 In my search for a shorter but still effective exercise program, I ran across information on kettlebell training. If you’ve never seen a kettlebell, it looks like a cannonball with a handle and weighs anywhere from 5 to 106 pounds. My goal was to give my 400+ muscles, including the most important muscle, my heart, a vigorous workout in the shortest period of time. I kept seeing mention of an exercise program designed by Dr. Al Sears called PACE. A good friend, Dr. Jonathan Wright, also made me aware of it. My routine is similar to the one Dr. Sears advocates, not because I’m so smart, but because I could not afford the time to work on individual muscle groups but still wanted to stay reasonably healthy, lean and toned. I started working out on my own with the kettlebells. My routine lasted 12-20 minutes, two or three times a week.

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