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Everyone has the same desire: a vibrant, healthy life!

TTN Publishing exists to provide educational information anyone can use to understand how herbs and botanical medicines play a vital role in optimal health. From a stomach ache to a life-threatening disease, even cancer, the plant kingdom has safe, effective phyto-nutrients and answers for healthy living.

Author and health pioneer Terry Lemerond brings his vast knowledge of plant medicines combined with cutting edge research from today’s top scientists and doctors directly to consumers. Each TTN Publishing, LLC book is crafted to provide the necessary basic information and recommendations for how botanicals can be used in practical ways to fight disease and improve the path to healthy living.

Education, information, scientific validation, and common sense are a part of every TTN Publishing endeavor. There are many books to come, so stay connected! With 80 percent of the world’s population depending on plant medicines, you can join in the knowledge and wisdom available to meet your health goals.

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Are you ready to fight and prevent disease with a powerful, natural seed?
Many people have come to accept that aging means the likelihood of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and ending up with dementia.

With this book, you can stop these myths for good! Now you have the scientifically validated details for creating a long, healthy life with French grape seed extract and its powerful and safe components. Exciting new research shows how this amazing botanical attacks cancer in a variety of ways like no other known treatment—natural or pharmaceutical. French grape seed extract is also your answer to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Complete with a special letter you can share with your health professional, Fight Disease with a Powerful Seed is your new best resource to approach a vibrant, healthy life!

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