The 2 Biggest Concerns About Aging!

Fears about getting older

In a national survey of over 3,000 Americans over the age of 30, researchers asked them about their biggest concerns regarding aging


#1 Concern: losing mental function

#2 Concern: Developing health problems and not being able to continue their normal activities


How to Preserve Mental Function

Curcumin protects brain cells (neurons) from toxins and stimulates the formation of new brain cells

–Increased number of healthy brain cells by up to 75% in a study of fluoride toxicity (animal model)

–Low dose curcumin nearly doubled the number of new brain cells (animal model)


In one week, curcumin reduced the average size of beta-amyloid plaques by 30% (animal model of Alzheimer’s disease)

–Curcumin is more effective in inhibiting formation of beta-amyloid protein fragments than many other drugs being tested as Alzheimer treatments!


In a recent, double-blind, four-week trial of people aged between 60-80, those taking curcumin had a marked improvement in memory after one dose, and coped better with stress after four weeks.

Combine with vitamin D, rosemary and Spanish sage to protect memory and mental function!