Just because you have had the chicken pox doesn’t guarantee you will get shingles.

A shingles flare-up is caused by a weak immune system. A healthy immune system = protection against shingles. If you think you should get a vaccine to prevent shingles, that’s your choice. Just don’t be unduly influenced by advertisements with TV star Terry Bradshaw promoting the shingles vaccine.  I’ll bet he’s getting paid handsomely for the ad.  Also, keep in mind the older you are, the less effective the vaccine is.  It’s more effective between the ages of 60 and 69.  Between 70 and 80, it’s only 41% effective.  After the age of 80 it’s only 18% effective.  In many cases, insurance will not cover the cost of a shingles vaccine.  So what can you do naturally to keep your immune system healthy and prevent shingles?  Vitamins A and C, zinc, and elderberry naturally and effectively boost the immune system. Creams made from comfrey or propolis applied on the skin reduce shingles blisters should they occur. I believe it is better to keep the virus inactive by staying healthy rather than always relying on drugs and vaccines.  Drugs do not create good health.