I have a deep respect for botanical medicines like CURCUMIN, FRENCH GRAPE SEED EXTRACT and ANDROGRAPHIS, but they are not essential to our health. They are alternative medicines as effective as drugs without side effects.

What we require daily and are absolutely essential are the vitamins and minerals that the body can't function without. "A vitamin is a substance you get sick from if you don't eat it." Quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the discoverer of vitamin C.

You don't get sick from a lack of drugs, but you do get sick if you do not eat one or more of the required vitamins or minerals on a daily basis. They are called essential because we can't live a healthy life without them and, really, we only have from a few days to a few weeks that the body stores these nutrients.

When we consistently consume less of these nutrients, or miss one or more all together, our body malfunctions and this malfunction is called a disease.  Then, by law, it can only be treated by a drug. 98% of all disease is caused by our lifestyle choices.  Our disease (malfunction) is caused by a poor diet or malnutrition.  But yet, diet can't treat the cause. 

My #1 recommendation for good health is taking an essential multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that provides all the nutrients in meaningful levels, probably 1-2 tablets twice daily formula, not a one-a-day type formula.

My #2 formula for good health is a very effective immune formula containing potent levels of vitamins A, C, E, D, and the minerals zinc with selenium should also contain an effective, clinical dose of Elderberry.

Taking these two formulas daily may provide you with a sound foundation for a healthy life.