To be successful, you have to make changes. You can’t quit smoking by cutting back.  You have to quit.

Otherwise, a little smoking encourages more smoking.

So, the food you are eating is your downfall. The foods that make us fat are sugar and carbohydrates.

And if you cut back on the food you are now eating to lose weight, you will always be tempted to eat more. It’s an addiction to sugar and carbs.

You can get your weight under control by eating protein, fats, and non-starchy vegetables, low sugar fruit, nuts and seeds. Protein and Fats control the appetite. You will be satisfied with less food and have more energy.

When you cut back on the food you are now eating to lose weight, inevitably you will just go back to the food that got you overweight in the first place and then gain all the weight back again and usually more. What a dirty trick! LOL

That’s why diets will never work.  You have to change the type of food you are eating to lose weight.

NO bread, pasta, potatoes, root vegetables, anything grown underground. Avoid all cereals, grains, corn, rice, etc.

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