Bacteria is everywhere.

Some of it can be downright dangerous.  We never know where the dangerous bacteria is hiding; maybe on a plane while we’re flying, maybe in a restaurant that has employees not practicing good hygiene, or food from farms that use unhealthy practices, or in a foreign country where you never know what you’re eating or drinking.  I travel extensively and to protect myself against harmful bacteria.  I ingest a softgel capsule of thyme, cinnamon, clove and oregano.  Studies have proven that just two of these, oregano and thyme, destroy 92% of 25 strains of bacteria.  No antibiotic has ever been able to equal what thyme and cinnamon can do and there is never any bacteria resistance.  These oils are never exactly the same so the bacteria cannot adjust to them.  Antibiotics, being exactly the same injection after injection, allow the bacteria to build a resistance and they become super bugs.