Another way to control type 2 diabetes.

Over the last several weeks, I read at least a dozen scientific studies regarding the treatment for type 2 diabetes with an herb called Hintonia latiflora.  The scientific studies were in a variety of different journals but the main research study originated from Germany.  Apparently, the herb has been used and researched in Germany for over 60 years.  You wonder why it has taken this long for it to reach other countries.  I suppose the most important reason is due to the fact that a natural herb cannot be patented with a potential for a monopoly on its price.  Once a drug company gets its hands on a natural herb, they have to find a way to synthesize a molecule based on the herbs structure to be able to patent it and control its research and the price.  The fact is that almost 25% of all drugs have originated from plants.  I believe I read 12 or 13 different studies on Hintonia latiflora.  It originated in Central America and Mexico.  It works very similarly to metformin.  It controls blood sugar levels and reduces A1C which is a biomarker for controlling blood sugar levels.  Your A1C should be in the range of 6 and 7.  The studies proved that Hintonia latiflora was successful and effective to lower A1C levels.  The Hintonia latiflora was concentrated and standardized for a very specific bioflavonoid at 20 mg from 100 mg of concentrate.  There were no known side effects.