An egg a day keeps a stroke away

Recent review of published studies on egg consumption in over 300,000 people finds a 12% reduction in stroke risk

–Average intake: 1 egg daily

–No benefits for those who ate eggs just twice a week or less


But wait! Aren’t eggs full of dangerous cholesterol?

–One large egg contains 186 mg cholesterol


Daily egg intake did NOT increase risk of heart disease – this was confirmed in a separate analysis of almost 200,000 people in 21 countries: eating an egg a day did not increase cardiovascular risk even in people already at risk of heart disease.

Eggs are whole foods: 6 g protein, plus essential fatty acids, choline, vitamins, and minerals.

Eggs DO NOT increase cholesterol levels.

–In 70% of people, egg consumption had NO effect on cholesterol.  In 30% of people, there was a very small increase in total cholesterol.

–In one study, two eggs daily for 6 weeks increased HDL cholesterol by 10%!

–More importantly, egg consumption has been shown to change dangerous, small, dense LDL cholesterol particles to the large, “fluffy” and not dangerous form.