A few of the benefits of Vitamin D

Autism: children with autism treated with up to 5,000 IU Vitamin D daily - hyperactivity, social withdrawal, and other symptoms of autism were significantly improved in the children receiving vitamin D, but not in the placebo group

Headaches: A clinical study in otherwise healthy men found that those with the lowest vitamin D levels had a 113% increased risk of frequent headaches

Asthma and allergy: Children whose mothers took vitamin D during pregnancy had fewer allergic reactions, and fewer episodes of asthma and respiratory infections than children born to mothers with low vitamin D levels while pregnant

Heart Disease: Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a 12 times increased risk of heart disease in a recent clinical study

D3 versus D2

D3 is the animal form of vitamin D (humans are animals!)


D2 is the plant form of vitamin D



Researchers compared supplemental vitamin D (D3 and D2) [600 IU] or placebo in 335 women during two consecutive winters


–Placebo group saw a 25% decline in vitamin D levels

–Vitamin D2 group had a 34% increase in vitamin D

–Vitamin D3 group had a 75% increase in vitamin D

Vitamin D3 was twice as effective at increasing vitamin D levels


Experts recommend 5000 IU of vitamin D daily for most people