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Health Picks

When That Period of the Month Rolls Around, Women are Just Not Themselves

We literally are talking about a woman’s period, a time when a woman’s body goes through a natural change but many of the side effects are difficult to live with including swollen, painful and tender breasts, irritability and, in some cases, extreme irritability where you may think it wasn’t the same woman you knew the week before with an additional retention of water that may add 7 to 10 pounds of weight on the woman’s body. 

Some women sail through their period without a hitch. Other women feel like they’re crawling out of their skin. In Europe, an herb has been prescribed for decades that eliminated the majority of side effects associated with the menstrual cycle. The herb in question is chasteberry. There has been much research in Europe on the exact standardization and quality of chasteberry. Not all chasteberry products work because in the European standardized chasteberry extracts there is an exact dosage that makes it effective. Many herbs including chasteberry are very effective at a specific dosage level. In the research, they found that a higher dosage is less effective than a lower clinically studied dosage. 

Americans have the belief that if a little bit works, taking more must be better, while in Europe they made it an exact science and they found the specific dosage is 20 mg of chasteberry extract daily.  They also found that it’s required to take a daily dose every day of the month.


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