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Wearing a face mask may actually raise your risk of contracting the virus.

I think that wearing a face mask has minimal protection from contracting the virus and may actually raise your risk of contracting the virus. Just the fact of avoiding people can significantly reduce your risk of viral infection.  The more people you come in contact with, and for a longer period of time, raises your risk. Avoiding people lowers your risk. So, why do I say wearing a face mask has little value and may raise your risk of contracting the virus? I believe when people wear a face mask that they think they're immune and well protected against viral infection. But, think about this. If you can breathe through your face mask, you are inhaling and exhaling air that could possibly be contaminated with the virus. Wearing a face mask, I believe, leads to a false sense of security which leads to closer contact with people who may be carriers.

I often see people in a group wearing face masks but they are face to face, just inches away from each other. Possibly viral, contaminated air is being transmitted through everyone’s mask and socially distancing is completely disregarded. I believe when people are wearing their masks that they think they're invincible.  Socially distancing is, in my opinion, the answer to slow or stop the spreading of the virus. I see people hiking on mountain trails wearing face masks and no one around for miles. But they do the same at huge gatherings, because masks make us feel safer and protected from the virus. Social distancing and spending less time face to face will do much more to slow the spread of the virus than wearing face masks, which really can’t inhibit the virus. Masks have become the war against the virus. The general belief is it’s the ultimate protection against COVID-19. I have seen people wearing face masks, driving alone in their car, jogging, swimming, and living alone in their home. I believe the wearing of masks has been oversold.

And, we don't hear a word about how to be healthier with supplements containing the nutrients we need to support our own natural, innate immune system to protect us against  infections. The innate immune system is our built-in, natural vaccine that constantly defends us against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, but we have to give our immune system the right nutrients to do its job, and all without side effects.   Billions of people worldwide are deficient in several immune enhancing vitamins and minerals (A, C, D3, E, ZINC, SELENIUM) that make people more susceptible to infection. And, we don't hear a word about how a destructive lifestyle that leads to obesity and overly fat Americans is the number one cause of contracting viral infection and death. Getting people well is not financially worthwhile or productive. While vaccines may have a place in our society for the frail and elderly, and front line workers, is it the best option for everyone? No one can say for sure there are no side effects yet on a vaccine that has been pushed through in 6-8 months. Talk to your doctor, ask God in prayer, and then follow your good judgement.

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