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Health Picks

We Live In An Anxious and Troubled World

A documentary on sadness and anxiety I watched claimed that 50% of the population of Canada and the United States suffered from stress, nervousness and anxiety which caused a great deal of unhappiness and an abnormal dependence on drugs. The findings of this study also pointed out the fact that people with fear of the unknown or of daily life, caused an excess of bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive eating and abnormal sexual behavior. 

Just reading the paper and listening to the world news, it’s a wonder that we can go on in this chaotic world. The best way to cope with all this news is to some way ignore it but for many of us we cannot. The news reports cause anxiety and stress, and we live with many unfounded fears. All of us have some fears, but for many the fears control their lives. Many of the fears take away our joy and happiness and we feel unfulfilled. 

Do you avoid driving or driving in heavy traffic? Do you avoid flying? Do you avoid giving a presentation when you know the facts and have the knowledge, but you fear standing in front of your peers? Do you fear reaching out to neighbors? Do you fear social interaction? Do you fear making friends? Do you keep to yourself and become an introvert? Are you shy and avoid meeting new people? Are your kids quiet, shy and unresponsive in school? Do any of these fears trouble you and control your life? 

Neuroscientists at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest Hungary, discovered a natural herbal extract that quieted the excitability of the brain and caused a relaxed state, improving concentration, alertness and learning skills. This herbal extract worked like a natural relaxant and improved confidence and a sense of security.  They found it was safe for children and adults at a dosage of 40 to 80 mg daily. They found there were no known side effects, no drowsiness, no jittery feelings, no inability to drive a car or to be alert when working at an occupation when it required a sharp mind. This herbal extract also was non-addictive, safe to use long term or occasionally when presented with a situation that could create stress and anxiety.


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