Health Picks

Health Picks

There are many reasons why women who try black cohosh fail to get results for relief of hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

Based on European research, there are three basic reasons why women are not satisfied with the results of this highly popular and scientifically studied herb.

• Poor quality sourced black cohosh. Many inexpensive herbs are not the real stuff, they are cheap, inferior alternatives. They are adulterated or spiked with another less expensive herb. Taking more inexpensive herbs provides less benefits.

• More is not better. The ideal dosage for black cohosh is 13 mg once daily. Another reason is not allowing sufficient time to bring about results. A fair trial with this herb is 3 months. I know that sounds cruel. Most women want instant results, but metabolic adjustments take time. If you want results with herbal medicines allow proper time for it to work.  Look for products that are available from a company that focuses on clinically studied formulas.

• The most expensive product is the cheap product that doesn't work.

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