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70-80% of Americans do not get the minimum recommended daily intake of magnesium (420 mg daily for men, and 320 mg daily for women).

Magnesium is needed for energy production, bone formation, nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal heart rhythm.

New research on magnesium and cancer! Researchers have found that magnesium is required for anticancer immune T cells to bind to and destroy cancer cells.

In their study, they found that the higher the concentration of magnesium, the more effectively T cells were able to kill cancer cells.

Separate studies have found that low levels of magnesium are associated with worse outcomes during cancer treatment.

More uses for magnesium:

PMS symptom relief.  Magnesium supplementation for 3 months reduced PMS symptoms by up to 35% (headache, tension, anxiety, mood swings, bloating).

High blood pressure.  Supplemental magnesium reduced blood pressure by about 2-4 points.
Just a 2-3 point drop in blood pressure can reduce stroke risk by up to 12%.

Muscle spasms and cramping.  Magnesium stabilizes nerve fibers.  Low magnesium levels lead to hyper responsive neuromuscular activity.  In other words, muscle tremors, spasms, and weakness (for example, restless leg syndrome).

Carpal Tunnel syndrome and nerve pain.  Pair magnesium with P-5-P (active form of vitamin B6) and Zinc to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome pain –can cure carpal tunnel without surgery!

Forms of magnesium: Magnesium, as a dietary supplement, is found in many forms; Magnesium citrate (magnesium + citric acid), Magnesium oxide (magnesium + oxygen), Magnesium hydroxide, ALSO known as “Milk of Magnesia”.  These forms of magnesium are poorly absorbed and, in fact, some of them have laxative effects.

Magnesium glycinate chelate is bound to an amino acid and very well absorbed.
No laxative effects.

Take up to 400 mg daily of magnesium glycinate chelate with P-5-P (active form of vitamin B6) and zinc.

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