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The Colon Cancer Symptom You Shouldn’t Ignore!

The symptom you should never ignore is blood in the stool. Never ignore blood in your stool or ASSUME that it is ‘just hemorrhoids’. Blood can also be a sign of internal bleeding caused by colon cancer. It isn’t uncommon for someone to bleed internally for up to six months before visible blood is noticed after a bowel movement. Most of the time, blood after a bowel movement is not a sign of something dangerous, but a healthcare practitioner should determine if further tests are needed. Colon cancer screening is now recommended starting at age 45. Colon cancer rates are rising fastest in people under the age of 50. People born in 1990 will have double the risk of colorectal cancer and four times the risk of rectal cancer before age 50, compared to people born in 1950.

Curcumin For Colon Cancer

One of the most powerful, natural medicines to treat colon cancer is curcumin. Curcumin has a triple effect against colon cancer:

–It protects against cancer cell formation in the presence of carcinogens

–It inhibits proteins which cause cancer progression

–It causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct

In pre-clinical tests, curcumin enhanced the effects of chemotherapy drugs, making them more effective against cancer cells. Curcumin was able to induce cell death in colon cancer cells that were resistant to the chemotherapy drug. Curcumin also killed colon cancer stem cells.

THIS MEANS: less of the toxic cancer drug is needed for beneficial effects; there is less risk of adverse effects or cancer reoccurrence.


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