Health Picks

Health Picks

The Benefits of Elderberry Extract

Research regarding the benefits of elderberry have proven it to be effective for blocking viruses from entering the cellular level.  Traditionally, elderberry has been used for colds and flu, and now science has substantiated its traditional use. 

Elderberry, approximately 450 mg daily, can protect against virus invasion.  If the virus has already been activated in the body, 450 mg of elderberry can be taken every three or four hours.  Not only are viruses knocked out with elderberry, but it seems that most bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella and listeria are also eliminated with the intake of elderberry extract. 

Research was completed on a special elderberry extract that is extracted without heat or solvents.  It’s a unique filtration process where molecules are separated by weight eliminating the large molecules that cannot be absorbed.  Elderberry extract is very safe and can be used with confidence, even with young children.  Giving a capsule of elderberry, 450 mg daily to children can have a huge impact on supporting the immune system.

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