Health Picks

Health Picks

The All-Natural Omega-3 Fatty Acids Formula

A formula that I make sure I include in my diet is an omega-3 fatty acid bound to phospholipids including the complex EPA/DHA with hydrolyzed peptides (fish proteins).  While every function in the body can improve with omega-3 fatty acids, it does have a pronounced effect on heart, brain and eye health.  The reason I like this formulation is due to the phospholipids acting as a superior carrier of DHA and EPA to the cellular level.

All fish oils are highly processed with heat, pressure and chemicals.  This processing denatures and alters the molecular structure of fish oil to the point that it’s no longer natural as it is found in fish.  The omega-3 fatty acids, when complexed to phospholipids, are absorbed at the cellular level up to 50 times greater than fish oils.  In this case, there are 5 phospholipids from salmon which is the same ratio and structure as found in the brain, and similar to cellular structure.

Phospholipids from salmon are far superior to fish oil and krill as well.  Krill has never been a food source for humans and is treated with harsh solvents such as hexane to remove the cholesterol.  Because of its problematic nature, many companies are banning the sale of krill because of the fear of sustainability.  The fishing of krill has now been banned off the coast of Oregon, California and Washington.

Phospholipids from salmon, sustainably obtained, are a natural human food and have no side effects.  There is no burping and regurgitation of fish oil or a fishy after taste.

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