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Tart cherry is ideal for gout treatment.

GOUT is warmth, pain, swelling, and extreme tenderness in a joint (usually a big toe) caused by deposits of uric acid crystals in the joint.

Proven natural treatment: A 2012 study of 633 people with gout found that cherry intake reduced gout attacks by 35%.  In a survey of gout patients, use of cherry juice or cherry extract was associated with a 20% reduction in gout flares.

•Cherries are antioxidant


•Reduce uric acid levels in the bloodstream –up to a 20% reduction in uric acid levels have been reported after daily intake of tart cherries

More benefits of tart cherries.

Arthritis treatment: After drinking tart cherry juice twice a day, people with arthritis of the knee reported significant reductions in pain and stiffness.

Reduced risk of stroke: In an animal model of stroke, tart cherry consumption reduced blood pressure levels as well as helped modulate glucose levels for an overall reduced risk of stroke.

Soft tissue injuries: Relieved muscle pain and inflammation as effectively as OTC drugs and without adverse effects.

Blood Pressure: Lowered systolic blood pressure in men with early stage hypertension.

Post-workout pain: Long distance runners had almost 70% less post exercise pain if they consumed tart cherry juice before a workout.

Recommendation: 1000 mg of freeze-dried tart cherry extract once or twice daily.

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