Health Picks

Health Picks

Our Knees Are Very Susceptible to Injury

Injuries are most common in the knee joint whether you are a professional athlete or just causing long-term excessive abuse to the knee joint. Of course, an athlete can experience immediate damage due to the trauma and aggressiveness of a sport.

Non-athletes can also experience knee damage from just long-term wear-and-tear due to poor techniques in lifting, incorrect techniques exercising and excessive weight. All those extra pounds bearing down on our knee joints can cause accelerated and long-term damage. 

We could also include the hip joint as most elderly will experience damage of these joints as well as the knees over time. A recent study confirmed the use of curcumin and boswellia to be more effective than Celebrex in reducing pain and increasing the quality of life. Another ingredient that could be useful in this combination would be boron, a mineral that appears to have a very effective action on joint and bone structure and function.

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