Omega-6 fatty acids are considered the bad fats. : Terry Talks Nutrition

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Omega-6 fatty acids are considered the bad fats.

They include: corn, soy, safflower seed, and peanut. They are not harmful when the diet contains small quantities, but due to the fact that some of these oils are so cheap, such as corn, soy, canola oil, peanut and sunflower seed oil, that they are then used primarily in very high quantities in packaged foods and in the preparation of most bakery goods.

The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 should be about 2-4 parts of Omega-6 to 1 part Omega-3, and probably no more. But, in some cases, because of the American diet, the Omega-6 is 20-30 parts to 1 part Omega-3. Chronic, excessive intake of Omega-6 fatty acids may cause arthritis, inflammation, and cancer. Omega-6 oils are pro-inflammatory, and since around 98% of our diseases are caused by inflammation, I highly recommend to avoid Omega-6 oils.

There are much better choices of healthier oils that may reduce the same diseases that are caused by the vegetable and seed oils. Try to include what I consider the king of oils, olive oil. 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily may have huge health benefits. I like to suggest taking the oil from a spoon to prevent wasting of the oil sitting at the bottom of the salad bowl.

The list of health benefits from using olive oil is too extensive to mention here. I sometimes refer to olive oil more as a medicine than a food. You may also include avocado oil, and a small amount of flax seed or walnut oil. While you are adding more fats to your diet, remember butter, cream, lard and eggs for good quality fats.

Healthy fats are our friend and unhealthy fats cause aging disease.

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