Health Picks

Health Picks

Numbing and Tingling of Fingers and Toes, and Burning Feet

The title refers to a form of neuropathy that is commonly present in diabetics and alcoholics although anyone can experience neuropathy. Neuropathy is a common problem that occurs in the absence in a number of nutritional factors that support the nervous system.

In order to correct the function and structure of the nervous system it would be prudent to use a number of B vitamins with specific minerals to control blood sugar level, a powerful antioxidant such as lipoic acid, and the anti-inflammatory properties of boswellia. The American diet is essentially refined carbohydrates and simple sugars.

While these foods do not supply B vitamins, B vitamins are essential to help metabolize carbohydrates and sugar. A combination of B vitamins, zinc, chromium, alpha-lipoic acid and boswellia can go a long way in significantly supporting healthy nerve function throughout the body, but particularly in the feet and hands.  These nutrients will also improve circulation and support healthy blood sugar metabolism.

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