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More Young Women with Late Stage Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women ages 15-39.

A new study reports that stage 4 cancer rates in women under age 40 has jumped 20% over a five year period.

This follows a trend in other types of cancer –such as colon cancer –of more young people getting more aggressive cancers. 

3 Nutrients for Breast Cancer Prevention:

70% of breast cancer cells have receptors for estrogen.  This is “estrogen receptor positive” breast cancer.

•DIM: helps keep estrogen in its healthy (versus unhealthy) form.  Has also been shown in laboratory studies to reduce the growth of breast cancer cells by up to 50%.

•Curcumin: Up to an 80% inhibition of breast cancer cell replication (cell study).  40% reduction in tumor size associated with curcumin in animal model of human breast cancer.

•Grape Seed inhibits aromatase (enzyme that increases) estrogen formation (converts androgens to estrogen).  Grape seed reduced aromatase activity by 75% (cell study) and tumor size by almost 60% (animal model of breast cancer).

•Take 120 mg of DIM complex (30 mg DIM) plus 250 mg of curcumin and grape seed extract once or twice daily.

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