Health Picks

Health Picks

Menopause Can Be a Breeze

Most women suffer the symptoms of menopause over a period of 5 to10 years.  The symptoms can range from hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings and irritability.  The change of life can even have a greater effect on women due to bone loss which significantly increases the risk of osteoporosis.  Women have probably suffered these effects for hundreds of years if not thousands.  No drugs have been effective and many natural herbal products are no more effective than the drugs.

Two natural herbal extracts have been proven effective, but by combining them together, they have a more powerful effect.  I have researched the herbs that I found to be effective and they are supported by clinical studies.  These two herbs combined with a pomegranate fruit extract are very effective.  The herbs are hop cone extract and black cohosh.  This combination of herbal extracts and pomegranate are able to deal effectively with all the symptoms associated with menopause including weight loss.

I have found that women, during this period of time, have the greatest need for iodine.  Along with the herbal and fruit combination for supporting women during menopause, adding 12.5 to 25 mg of iodine is extremely effective for women during menopause.  Not only does iodine support proper thyroid function but it is required for proper female hormone function.  Just a side note, iodine is one of the most underappreciated minerals without a natural food source so it should be supplemented on a daily basis.

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