In order for our immune system to function at a peak, optimal level, there are a number of essential vitamins and minerals that are required to maintain its health.

A healthy immune system can seek and destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections, and to protect the host from sickness and death.  The number one, most sought after nutrient, during the earlier days of the Pandemic, was zinc, and rightly so. Zinc was completely sold out across the country. However, that is just one of several essential nutrients required.

Very little is ever said about the role selenium plays in Viral infections.  It is as critical as zinc for the immune system and maybe even more so. In animal studies, to determine the effect of selenium to protect the animal from infection and death, two groups of animals were selected for the experiment.

In group 1, the animals were fed their regular, normal diet plus sufficient selenium. Group 2 was fed a diet that was designed to be deficient in selenium.  Then, both group 1 and 2 were exposed to a virus by injection.  Some of the animals in group 1 became mildly to moderately sick, but all recovered and none died.

In group 2, with no selenium in their diet, when they were injected with the same virus, the animals became seriously sick and a number of them died.

The conclusion of the study, indicated that the animals that were deficient in selenium were unable to prevent the virus from becoming virulent. Or, in other words, in the absence of selenium, the virus turns deadly.


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