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How To Winterize Our Body Against Cold and Flu

The immune system is a powerful mechanism to fight foreign invasion and to protect our body against bacteria and viruses.  The stronger our immune system, the stronger protection against cold and flu. Stress, refined carbohydrates, sugar, soft drinks, grains in general, and excessive alcohol and tobacco compromise the health and strength of our immune system. 

I find by supplementing my diet with blackcurrant, elderberry, probiotics, zinc, and selenium that my immune system keeps me healthy.  If I ever feel a cold or flu coming on, I would take a formula containing plant oils of ravintsara, bay, laurel, and thyme.  Plant oils are very powerful in supporting the immune system and also directly killing bacteria and viruses such as E.coli, salmonella, listeria, herpes I and II and giardia.  By supporting the body with formulas of this kind you can sail through winter without the effects or symptoms of a cold or flu.

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