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Health Picks

How to Eliminate Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis, COPD

While many drugs are available for these conditions, the manufacturers who make them and the physicians who prescribe them are quick to point out that there are no cures for these conditions. From the research I’ve seen, I think nature provides the cure. There is a tree that grows in India called boswellia, which is frankincense, the gift given to Christ at His birth. It truly is not only a gift for Christ but a gift for the whole world to heal any upper respiratory conditions. 

While drug companies have never successfully developed a drug that controls and downgrades an enzyme in the body called 5-LOX, boswellia is very effective in downgrading an elevated level of 5-LOX and the leukotrienes that are produced by this enzyme. This enzyme is also involved with 60 other different diseases. Unless you can control this enzyme, there will never be a way to control upper respiratory tract conditions.

I have talked to people who worked with their physicians to get off drugs and replace their medications with a highly standardized form of boswellia, and many were able to get off their drugs within 30-60 days. Always check with your physician to make sure that complementing your drugs or changing your drugs does not compromise your health.

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