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Heartburn doesn’t involve the heart.

Heartburn –also called acid reflux –occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus causing pain and burning in the chest and throat, sour taste in the back of the mouth, and sometimes difficulty swallowing.

Antacids and anti-gas medications to treat heartburn/acid indigestion are the third most commonly sold category of OTC products (after allergy/cough/cold and pain relievers).

Lasting Natural Relief of Heartburn and GERD

Restore stomach acidity with betaine hydrochloride. Reduce symptoms with d-limonene and sea buckthorn oil (600 mg once or twice daily).  D-limonene both protects the stomach lining (without interfering with the acid production), and also helps peristalsis –the contractions of the intestines to keep food moving through the digestive system.

Sea buckthorn is a source of beneficial fatty acids, especially omega-7, shown to protect and heal stomach ulcers, as well as reduce inflammation in the intestinal mucosa.

Reset your digestive system: Take a blend of 14 Ayurvedic herbs including ginger, andrographis, and gotu kola, 800 mg, with water at bedtime.

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