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Fried Food Increases Risk of Heart Attack

Researchers combined data from 17 studies involving almost half a million people who were tracked for about 10 years. They compared rates of heart disease between people who ate the most and least amounts of fried foods. The results showed that versus people who ate the least amount, those who ate the most fried food had:

–28% increased risk of heart attack or stroke

–22% increased risk of heart disease

–37% increased risk of heart failure

 Even a small amount of fried food increased risk of heart disease –each additional ½ cup of fried foods increased risk of heart disease by 12%! 

Why are fried foods so bad for the heart?

Fried and processed foods are often produced using trans fats. Trans fats are created in an industrial process; liquid vegetable oils made into a solid form (by adding hydrogen)


–Last a long time

–Durable for repeated use in commercial fryers

Trans fats are banned for use in most foods, but can still be found in: anything battered and fried, sticks of margarine, baked goods (cakes, pie crust, and donuts).

BAD FOR YOU: trans fats reduce HDL the so called good cholesterol, increase inflammation, promotes obesity, and increases risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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