Health Picks

Health Picks

Every Winter We Have More Reported Infectious Diseases Such as a Cold, Flu, Shingles and Now Measles

The primary defense mechanism of the body to prevent infectious diseases is the immune system.  To maintain a healthy immune system, some of the important nutrients required would include vitamins A, C and zinc with elderberry extract and mixed bioflavonoids, a co-factor of vitamin C.  I’m absolutely convinced that at least 90% of our diseases currently being treated by drugs are the result of a deficient diet.  I believe it’s been estimated that 40% of the population live under the poverty level and, therefore, the diet is poorly chosen based on finances available.  Even in affluent families, food is selected to be eaten for pleasure and not for good health.  We think of third world countries suffering malnutrition but in America we consume plenty of calories and food but still many are suffering from malnutrition.  75% of the American population being overweight or obese does not represent good health.  The majority of the American population is deficient in the exact nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system.

I believe that when we come down with a cold or flu, measles or shingles, which are all infectious diseases, our bodies are already in a condition of ill health allowing the infectious disease to spread.  We may not have been eating as well as possible or we are under a stress level that destroys our nutrients more rapidly.  We should choose a diet that provides a foundation of good health but also we can make sure we supplement our diet with extra vitamin A and C with mixed bioflavonoids, zinc and elderberry.  Two of these components are very interesting.  Zinc, a mineral that in some respects can be hailed as a miracle, is a powerful, infectious fighter.  Many of our children and elderly do not get enough zinc on a daily basis.  Meat is one of the primary sources of zinc.  Children do not eat meat frequently enough nor do the elderly.  Zinc has to be supplied daily from some source of food or dietary supplements.  We have no storehouse in our body for zinc.  If we do not get zinc daily or miss a day, we would be deficient within 16 hours.

Elderberry has the ability to block the uptake of the virus, it prevents the virus from entering the cellular tissue.  Many of our infectious diseases are caused by a virus; viral hepatitis, cold and flu, measles and shingles.  Many doctors still today treat these diseases with antibiotics which kill off bacteria but not viruses.  We have only known the benefits of zinc for about the last 60 years.  I think it can do more than most medications on the market for infection.


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