Health Picks

Health Picks

Does Stress and Anxiety Affect the Quality of Your Life?

Neuroscientists at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have researched over 300 plant compounds in an effort to find a powerful, safe, and effective treatment for anxiety. They were surprised to find what they were looking for in an herb usually used for colds and flu—Echinacea!

However, not just any echinacea plant—the unique compounds in the plant that treat anxiety are only abundantly found in a single species grown in specific conditions and highly concentrated during the extraction process. This process yields a plant medicine that profoundly rebalances brain chemistry, which in turn, reduces stress and anxiety, calms a worried mind, and quiets exaggerated fears—all without drowsiness!

This amazing botanical has been compared to prescription drugs in the same class as Valium and found to be as effective, but without the potential for addiction or dangerous side effects. If you are troubled by stress and anxiety, you will find rapid relief with this clinically studied herbal medicine!

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