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Health Picks

Bone Spurs Have Nothing to do With Our Bones

Bone spurs can disfigure our fingers and hands and, depending where they originate, can cause pain and disability. What we call bone spurs really have nothing to do with bone. They are a calcium deposit that collects on the bony formations as a collection of calcium crystals.

There are many ways to treat a bone spur. Some are surgically removed by a physician. Others can be gently massaged and broken apart. When we talk about a bone spur, it really is not an extension of the bone. It’s like a damming up of crystals in an area commonly injured which creates poor blood flow similar to a damming of a stream or river. There are several nutrients that also can create a temporarily acidic condition that causes the formation of bone spurs.

With the proper nutrients, a heel spur may dissolve in a week or two. For someone who has many calcium deposits in their neck or spine, it may take several weeks to several months. A change of diet would be helpful to reduce the metabolic disorder. Avoid grains, citrus fruits, and tomatoes as a good start.  Soft drinks are another cause of bone spurs. Soft drinks are very high in phosphoric acid which disrupts calcium assimilation. Avoiding soft drinks and sugar would help greatly. Also avoid high intakes of calcium as our requirement for calcium is truly quite low. 

The research on calcium has not taken in the fact that there are many nutrients required to make calcium absorbable. A moderate intake of calcium with vitamin K2, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, and several other nutrients make a lower dose (400 mg) of calcium much more effective than the 1,500 to 1,800 mg of calcium that I hear some people are taking.

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