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Health Picks

Are You Trying To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels?

Lowering our cholesterol is not at all heart healthy. Scientific evidence does not show any benefit for heart health by lowering cholesterol. In fact, 63% of individuals experiencing a heart attack have what would be considered normal or low cholesterol prior to the heart attack. 

Cholesterol is a critical nutrient for our muscles, nervous system, heart, and brain function. Cholesterol also provides the basic foundation for producing our sex and stress hormones. There is absolutely no benefit in lowering cholesterol. There is a benefit for raising good, healthy cholesterol versus the LDL or bad cholesterol. But other than that, arbitrarily lowering cholesterol will provide no cardiovascular benefits. Studies show that Lipitor, when given to 100 patients, may provide benefits for one patient. In the case of Crestor, it takes 120 patients to possibly provide benefits for one patient. That doesn’t appear to be a very good percentage ratio. Plus, the 99 patients receiving Lipitor and the 119 patients receiving Crestor are prime candidates for serious side effects which are loss of memory, neuropathy, arthritis, muscle weakness, muscle pain, muscle wasting, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, depression, and in the case of women, an increased risk of breast cancer by 1500%. 

What can you do to improve cholesterol health? Indian gooseberry has been proven in clinical studies to improve and manage healthy cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that Indian gooseberry raises healthy cholesterol levels and lowers bad cholesterol levels.


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