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Health Picks

Are You Taking Statin Drugs For Your Cholesterol?

There is no question that statin drugs can lower your cholesterol, but is that really a good recommendation? 

We use cholesterol for a variety of health promoting functions in the body. We make our sex hormones out of cholesterol. It’s no wonder that I talk to so many people who want to know how to increase their libido. I find that most who ask that question to be on statin drugs. Well, you can’t lower the substance that makes the sex hormones and wonder why you can’t perform. The best answer for libido is starting with good animal protein and animal fat such as cream, butter and lard, and you won’t be buying that little blue pill. 

While statin drugs lower cholesterol, they also cause major side effects such as neuropathy, many of the “itis” inflammations, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, loss of memory, confusion and loss of cognitive function. Because we have interrupted proper hormone function, statins increase breast cancer in women by 1500%.

Do statin drugs prevent heart disease? Oh, by the way, since the recommendation for the last several decades is to consume low fat foods and take statin drugs, heart disease has doubled since the former recommendations have been implemented. I think the major pharmaceutical companies want everybody on statin drugs as they are now being recommended for children 8 years and older. Don’t teach diet, teach drug therapy.

So, what is a person to do? Well, one of the  best natural herbs to balance the proper levels and prevent oxidation of cholesterol is Indian gooseberry. There is no reason whatsoever to lower cholesterol if you have a proper level of good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol. To arbitrarily lower cholesterol when cholesterol is so healthy for a vital body is absolutely unnecessary. The doctors’ recommendation to lower cholesterol without first realizing its benefits would be similar to the mechanic recommending you to lower the intake of gas in your car when you have a defect in the engine. 

When taking Indian gooseberry, it will provide you with more benefits than statin drugs and has been clinically proven to provide an excellent benefit of healthy ratios of cholesterol. It has been proven by studies that 500 to 1,000 mg daily of Indian gooseberry over a period of three months will be more successful than statin drugs plus no known side effects.

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