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Another big year for Ticks.

A laboratory in upstate New York has received triple the number of ticks to test for disease versus last year.  The percent of their samples positive for Lyme disease and other pathogens is 37%, up from 22% last year.  Ticks can carry as many as 9 different pathogens (bacteria and viruses) that they can pass to humans and other animals.

Keeping Lyme at bay.  If you find a tick, get it off as soon as possible.  A tick needs to be attached for about 24 hours before it can infect a person with Lyme disease.  Immediate treatment with antibiotics is helpful for most people. 

However, up to 36% of people who are treated for Lyme disease will still have at least one symptom (such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and neurological problems), months or years later (referred to as chronic Lyme disease).  For those who are dealing with chronic Lyme disease, listen to the webinar on The Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease on the Terry Talks Nutrition Youtubechannel.  Dr. Nathan and Dr. Teitelbaum are experts in treating chronic Lyme disease.

You may want to consider Glutathione: chronic infection depletes glutathione, which is critical for immune system function –alterations in cellular glutathione levels have been found even YEARS after the initial infection.  Curcumin: 750 mg twice daily for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, Propolis: 400 mg twice daily, a very powerful, natural multi-anti-microbial, Andrographis: 400 mg with 80 mg andrographolides twice daily, for its antiviral and anti-infective properties. 


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