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An Unusual Food To Increase Testosterone: Olive Oil

As a man ages, testosterone levels decline –some men lose about 10% of their testosterone every decade.  Signs of low testosterone in men include low libido/erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, enlarged or tender breasts “man boobs”, fatigue and low energy, feel “down” or “have the blues”, irritability, reduced muscle mass and more body fat.

Bad for testosterone –low fat diets

New study finds that following a low fat diet may reduce testosterone levels in men by up to 15%.

Researchers collected data on testosterone levels in 200 men.  Reducing dietary fat levels from 40% fat to 20% fat decreased testosterone levels up to 15%.  BUT, increasing intake of monounsaturated fats (olive oil, avocados, and nuts) increased testosterone production.

A separately published study found that a diet high in extra virgin olive oil for three weeks increased men’s testosterone by 17%.

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