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September 2021

Keto diet may stop glioblastoma and other major diseases.

24 September
Glioblastoma is a deadly brain cancer –most people survive about a year after diagnosis, including after being treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. A new report discusses the case of a British man who started a strict ketogenic diet (zero…
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Another big year for Ticks.

17 September
A laboratory in upstate New York has received triple the number of ticks to test for disease versus last year.  The percent of their samples positive for Lyme disease and other pathogens is 37%, up from 22% last year.  Ticks…
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Women are 3 times more likely to develop gallstones than men.

10 September
Gallstones are crystallized deposits of digestive fluid that form in the gallbladder. Major risk factors: Obesity, diabetes. Rapid weight loss: As the liver metabolizes fat from weight loss, it secretes more bile, which can form a gallstone. Gallstones are associated…
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An Unusual Food To Increase Testosterone: Olive Oil

3 September
As a man ages, testosterone levels decline –some men lose about 10% of their testosterone every decade.  Signs of low testosterone in men include low libido/erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, enlarged or tender breasts “man boobs”, fatigue and low energy,…
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August 2021

Erectile Dysfunction is Not Just an “Old Man” Problem.

27 August
More common among younger men than previously thought. Researchers in Italy analyzed the ages of men seeking medical treatment for new onset erectile dysfunction.  One in four (26%) were under the age of 40, a number much higher than previously…
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Keto Diet Improves Brain Function.

20 August
26 people with Alzheimer’s disease participated in a clinical trial to evaluate the effects of diet on mental function.  Each patient followed a keto diet for 12 weeks (58% fat, 29% protein, 6% carbs) and a standard low fat diet…
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Astronomical Amounts of Money Are Spent on Cancer Drugs—sometimes with little to show for it!

13 August
The U.S. spends more per person on prescription drugs than any other nation.Spending on cancer drugs has more than doubled since 2013 to over $60 billion annually.New medications typically cost $90,000 to $300,000 a year. Since 1992, 155 cancer drugs have been…
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Signs Your Circulation Needs Help.

6 August
Signs of poor circulation: Cold or numb hands and feet.  Swollen legs and puffy ankles.  Muscle cramping.  Pain in the calves or buttocks when walking that goes away with rest (called “intermittent claudication”). When blood flow through the body is slowed…
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July 2021

Fat Milk = Skinny Kid

30 July
Traditional advice was to give kids under 2 years of age whole milk, but switch them to reduced fat milk at 2 years of age to prevent weight gain.  However, this is becoming outdated advice –even the American Academy of…
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Heartburn doesn’t involve the heart.

23 July
Heartburn –also called acid reflux –occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus causing pain and burning in the chest and throat, sour taste in the back of the mouth, and sometimes difficulty swallowing. Antacids and anti-gas medications to…
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More Young Men Are Experiencing Heart Failure.

16 July
Researchers in Sweden tracked over one million men through their military service records, comparing health outcomes for those who enlisted in the 1970s versus those who enlisted in the 1990s. All the men were 18 years of age on enlistment,…
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Curcumin versus Acetaminophen for Pain

9 July
193 patients with arthritic knees received 1,000 mg of curcumin (BCM-95) or 1,200 mg of acetaminophen daily during a 6 week trial. Results: About the same number of participants in each group had at least a 20% reduction in pain…
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The Big 3 – Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in America

2 July
Over 100 million prescriptions EACH are written for these drugs every year. The top – most prescribed – drugs are: Lisinopril for high blood pressure. Brand name: Zestril, cost: $27.10 [average retail]. Adverse effects: dizziness, cough, pain in the hands and feet.…
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June 2021

3 Reasons to Love Eggs

25 June
A low calorie source of protein — One egg is about 75 calories yielding 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, 62 mg of sodium, and 0 carbohydrates (<1% of a gram).  Compared to a popular protein bar on…
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Stress is Hard on Hair

18 June
The average person loses about 100 hairs a day.  Sudden, traumatic life events (surgery, major physical trauma, illness, extreme weight loss or change in diet) can lead to acute hair loss - triple the normal amount. Using an animal model…
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Olive Oil is Still the Most Adulterated Food in the World

11 June
Best quality olive oil is Extra Virgin, crushed, stirred, and strained (mechanical processing), but NO solvents, chemical extraction, or heat treatments.  EVOO has better flavor, higher levels of antioxidants, and more health benefits than lower grade olive oil.  EVOO is not cheap:…
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Low fatty acid intake may play a role in Multiple Sclerosis

4 June
Multiple Sclerosis is caused by an abnormal immune response - immune system cells attack and damage the body’s central nervous system. Researchers found that patients diagnosed with MS have low levels of a specific fatty acid –oleic acid (Omega-9). Oleic…
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May 2021

Better Sleep for the Older Adult

28 May
Older Adults Need Sleep Too. Myth: Older adults need less sleep. Fact: Older adults often have problems sleeping, but they still need 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  Up to 70% of older adults have chronic sleep problems. Most common…
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The Colon Cancer Symptom You Shouldn’t Ignore!

21 May
The symptom you should never ignore is blood in the stool. Never ignore blood in your stool or ASSUME that it is ‘just hemorrhoids’. Blood can also be a sign of internal bleeding caused by colon cancer. It isn’t uncommon…
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Gum disease may increase risk of respiratory failure.

7 May
Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 were more likely to experience respiratory failure if they had gum disease prior to becoming infected with coronavirus. Inflammation in the gums can allow inflammatory compounds (specifically interleukin-6) and bacteria from the mouth to spread throughout the body, including…
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