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Without iodine, the thyroid can’t produce thyroxine!

In 2014 synthroid was the number one drug prescribed by physicians primarily because the thyroid was malfunctioning at a lower level than required to maintain a healthy metabolism.  The number one mineral that the thyroid requires to function at a peak optimal level is iodine. 

Without iodine, the thyroid can’t produce thyroxine, which is then prescribed by physicians in the way of Synthroid, a synthetic hormone.  The body can produce, when given iodine, its natural production of thyroxine.  Thyroxine is produced from iodine and L-tyrosine, an amino acid.  Rather than synthroid, the answer may be iodine and L-tyrosine. 

Iodine experts have come to the conclusion that our iodine levels in America are non-existent or far too low to have an effect on the thyroid.  The consensus of experts have suggested that an iodine level consumed daily should be 12.5 mg to 15 mg with approximately 200 to 400 mg of L-tyrosine. 

If you wish to learn more about hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid, which can cause hair loss, thinning of eye brows and eye lashes, an uncontrolled weight gain, cold hands and cold feet, loss of energy, fatigue and exhaustion, foggy brain, unable to think and concentrate, read my article on hypothyroidism by going to and search hypothyroidism in the newsletter archive section. 




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