For a greater health effect I would add Folate, another B vitamin to this combination of vitamin B6 and B12.  There seems to be a very strong link to the deficiency of these 3 B vitamins causing heart disease, Autism, ADD, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, depression and neuropathy.  Rather than chasing the myth of high cholesterol causing heart disease we should encourage higher levels of B vitamins daily. There is strong proof that the lack of B vitamins are more causative than high cholesterol.  But prescribing drugs to treat high cholesterol is much more profitable than educating Americans to take a daily B supplement. Big business would rather have sick people to treat than helping them still or become healthy. Ill Americans keep the drug companies profitable. There is no reason to find cures for what ails America. When drugs are developed to treat metabolic disorders such as GERD and statin drugs to treat high cholesterol  as well as drugs to treat bone health, health is not the goal, money is.


Vitamin B6 and B12 levels linked to mental function and depression

Low levels of vitamins B6 and B12 are associated with an increased risk of impaired cognition, says a new study that adds support to links between B vitamin intake and cognitive function... Read

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