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Two Absolutely Useless Drugs Rake in Billions: Statins and OTC Acid Blockers

These two drugs treat a biocheminal disorder and not a disease. They cause more harm and damage to the body than good and all for the sake of profits. Any doctor should understand the role of acid in the stomach and not stop the good acids but prescribe good acids (HCL) to help the stomach function correctly and eliminate the cause of hyperacidity. There is no such thing as too much acid in 95% of the people being treated with PPI's. The real cause is too little good acid, hydrocloric acid; without HCL we cannot digest proteins, calcium, iron or B-12. The people being treated with these drugs (PPI) will suffer major dietary consequences and malnutrition.

Common OTC acid blockers may worsen cognitive impairment in the elderly
(NaturalNews) Adverse drug reactions are ranked as the fifth leading cause of death causing more than 100,000 deaths/year, account for seven percent of all hospitalizations and costs over $100 billion annually in the United States. While within the elderly...

Statin drugs: A sweetheart to die for
(NaturalNews) Statin drugs are a sweetheart alright - a $25 billion a year industry sweetheart that is! Not only are they the best-selling drug class out there, but they provide an almost endless list of side effects that assure the hapless taker a lifetime...

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