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TV is probably the most common place of bad nutritional education.

It’s a shame that TV advertisers of food can make misleading statements, and, of course, it seems that everyone believes what’s on TV.  TV is probably the most common place of bad nutritional education, and it’s one of the sources that’s misleading the American population in terms of what’s healthy or unhealthy.  For example, a cereal manufacturer touts their cereal as being from whole grain because it’s made from oats, but it’s highly refined and processed and can hardly be called healthy.  Another cereal manufacturer claims their cereal has as much protein in the serving of their cereal as an egg.  How misleading is that?  Just because it has the same number of grams doesn’t mean it’s the same quality of protein that’s found in an egg no more than 20 counterfeit dollars would equal $20.  An egg has superior biologically active protein and is the standard by which all other proteins are evaluated.  To say a cereal has the same grams of protein as an egg leads the consumer to believe that it has the same quality as the egg.  Some of the advertising on TV, or I should say most of the advertising on TV, is marketing hype to sell inferior products.  It’s like adding B vitamins to an artificial sweetener.  Now, just stop to think about it.  How many B vitamins could you get from a sprinkle of an artificial sweetener.  Don’t be misled by the BS in TV ads.  Manufacturers spend billions of dollars advertising cheap inferior products.  Do your investigation.  Read labels.  Ask the manufacturer questions.  It comes down to consumer beware.


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