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Terry's Blog

Today a new study was published vilifying eggs!

The latest study vilifying egg yolk as a contributor to coronary artery disease should be taken with a grain of salt.

Eggs were consumed daily long before heart disease was known. The greatest contributor to heart disease is the processing, refining and GE our grains(GMO).

Through refining we lost the benefits of VITAMIN B COMPLEX and the heart protective factors.

Protect your heart with vitamin B6, B12 AND FOLATE, the bio active B’s.

Dr John Ellis M.D. stated he never lost a patient to heart disease when they took sufficient quantities of vitamin B-6 daily, known as P-5-P.

Doctors could have a greater impact on the health of America if they focused on improving their patient’s diet and ensuring they were taking adequate potencies of supplements and not drugs unless they were absolutely needed for life saving reasons.

Doctors find fault with many of our health giving foods and find the solution in drug therapy for non-disease states like lowering healthy cholesterol levels.



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