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The Real Pandemic!

Overly Fat and Unhealthy — Part 2

Refer to Part 1 of my blog of being overly fat or downright obese and the consequences of being unhealthy.

Being overly fat or obese does not just suggest we are out of shape.  It tells us we are really very unhealthy. Recognizing we are unhealthy by being overly fat or obese, we wonder if we care about our health, how can we change, what is the first step to dig ourselves out of this unhealthy place?

Most overweight people have tried over-the-counter weight loss pills, supplements, and maybe even prescription drugs hoping to shed the bulk of their excess weight.

People overweight from a few pounds to 100+ pounds have no idea why they are fat. They say, everything I eat turns to fat, or I just can’t lose weight.  It must be in my genes.

We know 98% of all diseases are caused by our lifestyle choices. 90% of Americans being overweight or very fat is caused by our food choices.  Not too much food, just the wrong food choices.

The huge quantity of calories consumed in the Standard American Diet are made up of carbohydrates (carbs) and sugar. Neither have a high degree of nutritional value.  In fact, in most cases, there is no nutritional value.

Eating fat does not make us fat and does not cause any negative unhealthy conditions. BUT, being fat causes many of our human diseases from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, to cancer.  Of course, there is a huge difference between healthy fats - those we should eat, and the unhealthy fats that we should avoid.

Let me say this again.  Fats, like olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, and pecan oil are extremely healthy. Other healthy fats are lard, butter, bacon grease, all fats from animal, chicken, and fish are very healthy and DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT!

Sugar and carbs, another form of sugar is consumed primarily for energy but it requires insulin to shuttle the sugars into the cells to convert into energy. However, Americans consume such large volumes of sugar and carbs that there isn’t enough insulin produced by the body in ratio to the sugar consumed so the sugar is converted into fat and stored as belly fat and in a dozen other places. The solution is to adopt a low carbohydrate, no sugar diet. A diet of a moderate intake of Proteins with high levels of healthy fats and extremely low levels of sugar and carbs will enable anyone to lose weight without cutting calories, portions, or resorting to drugs or weight loss supplements. 

To begin the process, study the Ketogenic diet. At or the Another worthy website is                

You can also review my diet right here at

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