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The FDA, Big Pharma and your doctor are increasing your risk of dying from the drugs they prescribe.

All drugs are approved by the FDA.  All drugs increase the risk of death.  An estimated 110,000 people die every year, not from the disease they are being treated for but from the drugs being used to treat the disease. The FDA, Big Pharma and your doctor are increasing your risk of dying from the drugs they prescribe, all in the name of improving your health.  Or, is it to improve the profits of the drug companies? Drugs do not promote good health. They were meant to be used to save lives in an emergency, not to instill good health. All drugs are like applying a band-aid to a disease, doing nothing to prevent disease or cure the disease. Drugs will keep you more comfortable with less suffering but they will never cure anything, instill good health, or give you a better quality of life.


80-90% of all disease is caused by a deficiency of a vitamin, mineral or nutritional factor.  For your health, return to the traditional diet of your great grandparents from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a diet of low carbohydrates, no processed or refined foods, and little or no sugar. Avoid all the chemicals you possibly can, which our grandparents did not have to avoid as there were no chemical sprays or preservatives.

Search for grass fed beef, lamb, bison, other animal proteins, animal fats, cream, butter, lard, and local farm raised eggs. Eat low glycemic fruits,  nuts, seeds and berries, but no starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, beets or yams. And because our modern-day food will never be healthy any more, use dietary food supplements. Much of our so-called food today is man-made, factory produced, refined and processed, and completely stripped of the natural nutrients. Our health suffers due to a lack of those nutrients that are stripped out for the sake of a long shelf life and to resist spoilage. Supplements (vitamin and minerals) will help make up for the loss of nutrients offered in our mega, farm raised animals, fruits and vegetables.

rat pictureThe attached photo tells it all. The rat on the left was fed farm raised, hen laid eggs, and the rat on the right was fed factory produced egg substitute.



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