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Sea buckthorn oil is the only fruit I know that provides omega-7.

Sea Buckthorn oil that’s extracted from both the fruit (berry) and the seed contain an excellent ratio of omega-3, -6, -7, and -9.  While other oils can also provide the 3, 6 and 9, only very few sources of natural ingredients can provide omega-7.  There are two sources in particular - sardines, mackerel and anchovies provide omega-7.  Sea buckthorn oil is the only fruit I know that provides omega-7.  Today, Dr. Oz is a proponent for omega-7 providing significant benefits for cardiovascular health.  Omega-7, otherwise known as palmitoleic acid, is recommended by Dr. Oz from a fish source as he claims that you should not use sea buckthorn oil because it does not contain the right palmitoleic acid.  However, Dr. Oz is absolutely dead wrong.  Sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil contains a high concentration of this rare omega-7 fatty acid and a higher potency than that found in fish.  Plus the oil extracted from sea buckthorn is done with a CO2 extraction method using carbon dioxide, a gentle process, no heat, no chemicals and no solvents.  This gentle method provides an oil that is absolutely pure and absent of all possible contamination.  It creates a very stable oil without risk of rancidity.  The omega-7 extracted from fish must go through a seven-step purification process using solvents and chemicals such as bleach, and molecular distillation which creates a very unstable oil that has a greater risk of rancidity, and the oil is purified to the point that it’s classified as semi-synthetic.  Sea buckthorn oil is suitable for vegetarians.  In 2011 on his TV show, Dr. Oz recommended sea buckthorn oil because of its wealth of nutrition and superior oil.  Sea buckthorn is sometimes referred to as the “nutrient bomb” as it contains over 200 nutrients including beta-carotenes, vitamin E, other tocopherols and tocotrienols.  Sea buckthorn oil has been used to treat severe dryness of the eyes, oral cavities - mouth and throat, peptic ulcers in the stomach, and vaginal dryness.  Sjögren’s Syndrome has also been successfully treated with sea buckthorn oil.  Now to add to the list of benefits, heart disease can also be treated with sea buckthorn oil.  But when comparing omega-7 from sea buckthorn oil to omega-7 from anchovies, there is no comparison.  Hands down it’s sea buckthorn oil.  Dr. Oz always also claims there is a pro-inflammatory fatty acid called Palmitic acid – which of course would cause inflammation in sea buckthorn oil.  The quantity is so insignificant that it would not have an effect as a pro-inflammatory.  This fatty acid is found in hundreds of foods such as olive oil, butter, cheese, milk, fish, and nuts such as macadamias and pistachios.

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