Salt free diets don’t work to lower blood pressure.

Salt free diets to lower blood pressure are hardly worth the effort.  Those who are affected by sodium that increases blood pressure are found to be less than 2% of the population.  It seems that we always have this huge outcry to make outlandish changes that affect a small percentage of people.  While sodium may be involved in increasing blood pressure, it’s the opposite side of the scale that’s far more important.  Since potassium is the counter balance to sodium, the real goal would not be to lower sodium but to increase potassium.  We are far more deficient in potassium than we are overwhelmed with sodium intake.  And let’s remember that we need several grams a day of sodium and also several grams a day of potassium.  Our diet is high in sodium but extremely low in potassium.  Research from Finland has shown that a combination of approximately 500 mg of potassium and 225 mg of calcium can effectively reduce high blood pressure.  While drugs can effectively lower blood pressure, I would think the choice would be to improve our potassium intake either by food or supplements insuring better health and not risking our health with side effects from drugs.  Bottom line, salt free diets don’t work to lower blood pressure.  And if this is all that the medical authorities can offer as a solution it’s a sad day.  Before adding supplements to your treatment program, consult your physician.

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