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Most people who emphasize a vegetarian diet will find that they are significantly deficient in minerals.

Most people who emphasize a vegetarian diet, or a diet heavy in pasta, bread and other grains with little emphasis on animal protein, will find that they are significantly deficient in minerals.  Minerals are better absorbed as they are naturally chelated when found in animal protein.  Grains do contain minerals, however, because of the phytic acid and fiber in grains, minerals are very poorly absorbed.  I have observed so many individuals, particularly the young and elderly, who depend on mostly refined and processed carbohydrates for their calories are lacking minerals.  While they are receiving adequate calories, they are in many cases very deficient in vitamins and minerals.  When I talk to individuals, elderly in particular, and hear their health complaints, I am not surprised to learn that breakfast is a piece of bread with jam and a cup of coffee.  Lunch may be a sandwich and a bowl of canned soup.  Dinner may be potatoes, not much animal protein, bread again and maybe canned vegetables.  It’s no wonder that the elderly are weak with a severe loss of muscle tone and muscle wasting.  I once read a study done in a nursing home where all the individuals were given adequate protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, 1 or 2 tablets at each meal.  Within weeks the individuals were healthier and stronger with less need for support from a cane or walker.  In fact, many individuals could easily get out of their chairs whereras before the study began they needed assistance to get up.

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