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Medical scientists have gone mad.

Scientists in Australia have predicted that one bite of a burger can cause a heart attack.  Recently, another group of scientists have claimed that eggs are as dangerous as cigarettes.  I believe the danger is in the scientist.  They seem so bent on defaming a natural, whole food diet and that drugs can be the only health care system.  It also appears that the sicker we make the country, the more profitable it becomes for the majority of big business, particularly the pharmaceutical and food industries.  Foods today are prepared so they are not fit to eat.  Oh, they are safe, but they provide no nutritional value and most of these foods are developed with ingredients that we have never heard of before nor can we pronounce their alien names.  In most cases, the general population of America would be better off and healthier without the intervention of drugs and physicians.  I absolutely agree that drugs and physicians save lives in 10% of the cases.  In 90% of the cases they create the other 10% of the cases.



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