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Terry's Blog

Measles and Shingles are caused by a virus.

The immune system in a healthy person is always on alert to attack the virus and protect the body against its attack. Why are some people spared the virus from contracting the virus and others not? I believe it’s the healthiness of the body’s immune system of the person who may be in contact with a person carrying the virus that determines whether or not they will come down with the disease (Measles or Shingles, cold and flu). Are the people braking out with Measles or Shingles already unhealthy?  Yes, I believe so. What about the 3 year old child coming down with the Measles? Does anyone care what the child is eating to maintain good health and therefore the healthiness of his or her immune system?

No, the answer is a vaccine, more drugs not a better and healthier diet for the child. Is that 3 year old living on cold cereal, white bread toast with jam for breakfast, cheese and mac for lunch and more sugar and carbs for dinner. A healthy diet should include meat of any kind but not processed, whole milk not skimmed or low fat, raw cheese and all full fat dairy products including butter and cream, whole fruits not juice and vegetables (no potatoes),berries and nuts. However the diet is never questioned. Just let our young kids eat whatever they cry for and then vaccinate them. Who wins? The drug and processed food manufactures will win and the American public will lose. Our health can only be insured for good or destroyed by the food we eat. It is so simple it is not thought possible to be diet related and our health determined by what we eat. All great truths are ignored at first because they are too simple. Doctors of the past could not believe washing their hands between surgery would stop spreading infection. Every metabolic disease can be traced back to a deficiency in the American diet.

Believe me the drug companies want to keep you in the dark. You have the freedom to choose between doing your best to keep your yourself and your family healthy with the right food choices or do you choose to vaccinate them. DRUGS ARE NOT THE ANSWER!!

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