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Manufacturers take the life out of food and the life out of whoever eats their processed food.

Any abnormal condition is viewed by medical experts as a disease.  Take for example, autism, which medical experts are trying to find an answer and a cure as to why it occurs.  Most of our diseases are triggered by the American diet and/or a deficiency of nutrients that the American diet can no longer provide due to the severe refining and processing of foods to lengthen shelf life and longevity of packaged goods.  Manufacturers take the life out of food and the life out of whoever eats their packaged, processed junk food.  Ultimately, something has to give.  And, over a period of time, when enough of these abnormal conditions occur, the medical experts think it’s a disease which requires drugs and treatment.  Several recent studies have shown a very direct relationship to the deficiency of folate (folic acid) and vitamin D3 in the diet of pregnant women.  A deficiency of these two nutrients causes a 40% increased risk of autism in their infant child.  To prevent this risk, women should start taking 400-800 mcg of folate, and 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 one or two months before conception and at least two months after conception to ensure proper brain development.  Because of the clinical studies in relationship to autism, this recommendation is viewed as a possible treatment.  But, would it not make sense just to advise everyone to take folate and vitamin D3 daily for life?

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